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Opposition calls for Anti-kidnapping unit

  The recent kidnapping which led to the unfortunate demise of Enmore spare parts dealer, Rajendra Singh, has ignited strong calls by members of the political opposition for the establishment of an Anti-Kidnapping Unit within the Guyana... [...]

PPP declines participation in Parliamentary Sub-Committee

  Opposition Leader David Granger has said that the ad hoc Sub-Committee which was suggested by House Speaker Raphael Trotman to facilitate tripartite consultations over the concerns of the 2014 Budget during the Committee of Supply is... [...]

Bus ends up in Banks DIH trench

- passengers repeatedly begged driver to slow down Several passengers got an unwelcome scare at around 14.30 hrs yesterday, when a route 42 minibus driver, who had repeatedly ignored pleas to slow down, drove his vehicle off the East Bank Demerara... [...]

Dem boys seh…Some reporters don’t know dem head from dem foot

People does believe that dem got good intention when dem do certain things. Some of dem does set out to do things that dem believe people gun like and sometimes dem does end up looking stupid because dem do de wrang thing. Tek de Waterfalls... [...]

Works Ministry accused of discrimination

  Five months ago the Ministry of Works made a big deal over a fence owned by BM Soat Auto Sales, which they claimed was hindering expansion work on the main East Coast Demerara carriageway. The Ministry’s workers, using graders and excavators... [...]

There is no delay in seeking reparations for slavery and genocide

  - retired Canadian Judge “There must be no delay in seeking justice where issues of human rights are concerned, particularly genocide or other related issues. There should be no time line for redress; no prescription,” explained prominent... [...]


The newspapers that officials hate

There was a time when the media, more particularly the newspapers and the radio, reported on the happenings in the country. These reports were primarily about the daily happenings, the social events like weddings of prominent people and births and things... Continue reading

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